The start in Vienna in 1918
The construction of the U Hall in 1948 was a major step in the development of the Knittelfeld production facility
Approximately 75,000 pipe arrays (heat exchangers) are manufactured each year in the automatic pipe production plant
Austria Email AG headquarters and production facility in Knittelfeld

Establishment of StEG, the "Imperial Royal Privileged Austrian State Railroad Company", in Paris for the purpose of constructing the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy's railway lines; listing on the Vienna Stock Exchange

After the collapse of the monarchy, the only part of the company to survive is the Austrian industrial property – an engineering works in Vienna manufacturing locomotives

Acquisition of Warchalowski, Eissler & Co. AG, including its enamelling factory in Ottakring, Vienna

Sale of the Viennese locomotive production facility

Majority takeover of Emaillierwerke und Metallwarenfabriken Austria, formerly the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy's largest enamelling works, along with its factory in Knittelfeld which had been founded in 1874

Majority takeover of R. Ditmar-Gebrüder Brünner AG, Vienna

Comany renamed  as Austria Vereinigte Emaillierwerke, Lampen- und Metallwarenfabriken AG

Complete destruction of the Knittelfeld factory during bomb attacks

Acquisition of Triumph Werke in Wels

Acquisition of Phoebuswerke AG and Friedrich Siemens Werke AG

Structural reorganisation and product range concentration on enamelware, domestic water heating and communal products (streetlamps, signal systems, rubbish containers and enamelled signs); closure of the factory in Simmering, Vienna

Company renamed as Austria Email AG

Termination of the enamelware and sanitary accessories product lines which are no longer profitable, closure of the factory in Ottakring, Vienna, and concentration of production in the Knittelfeld factory, which thereby becomes the company's headquarters

Fusion with the Elin subsidiary EHT; after ELIN-Union AG acquires a share majority, the water heating technology product group generates the lion’s share of sales for the Austria Email-EHT Group; company renamed as Austria Email EHT AG für Elektro-Heizungstechnik

Patent received for the VACUMAIL® technique

Auricon acquires 57% of the company's shares and Wiener Holding acquires another 27%

Acquisition of Haveltherm Wasser- und Wärmetechnik GmbH in Brandenburg (Germany), as well as Dr. Burg GmbH, a Viennese manufacturer of air conditioning systems and electrical household appliances

Reorganisation of the lines of business as separate companies within the Austria Email Group:

  • Austria Email AG
  • Austria Email Wärmetechnik GmbH
  • Haveltherm Wasser- und Wärmetechnik GmbH
  • Austria Email Licht- und Umwelttechnik GmbH
  • Dr. Burg Vertriebs GmbH

Sale of Dr. Burg Vertriebs GmbH and Austria Email Licht und Umwelttechnik GmbH to shift the focus to the heating technology line

Fusion of Austria Email Wärmetechnik GmbH with the parent company Austria Email AG

Integration of the operational activities of German subsidiary Haveltherm into Austria Email AG

A financial syndicate led by UIAG and CROSS Industries AG acquires 61.5% of shares and thus becomes the new core shareholder; 15.4% of the syndicate’s shares belong to HL Privatstiftung

Following its acquisition of the shares of HL Privatstiftung, the industrial group CROSS Industries AG / UIAG becomes the majority shareholder

Buy-Out Central Europe II Beteiligungs-Invest AG (BOCE) acquires the share majority in Austria Email AG

Treibacher Industrieholding acquires the share majority in Austria Email AG