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The Austrian company AUSTRIA EMAIL is one of the leading European manufacturers of high-quality water heaters. They have the most state-of-the-art buffer cylinder factory in Europe (with an in-house fleece fabrication plant since 2010) and an in-house heating technology laboratory with high quality test equipment.

AUSTRIA EMAIL is also a quality partner for wholesalers and industrial customers, offering sales support in the form of training, factory tours, partner programmes and targeted marketing campaigns.

AUSTRIA EMAIL is the market leader in Austria and the oldest listed company in Austria. 

75 years of experience in enamelling technology speaks for itself:

  • 25 export markets
  • 350 highly motivated employees
  • Annual turnover of 65 million euros

A wide range of products

The product range includes a total of 385 basic models and 1,700 variations: from electrical water heaters and indirectly heated hot water cylinders for use with gas and oil through to systems using alternative energy sources. Among other areas, our product range also focuses on buffer tanks, solar energy systems, domestic water heat pumps, central heating cylinders and central heating thermal systems. The centrepiece and core competence of our entire product range is the enamelled internal boiler.

AUSTRIA EMAIL is naturally always willing to respond to specific customer wishes and also provides a 10-year guarantee on selected products.


The innovative ECO SKIN 2.0

With their new generation of "Green-Tech" insulation for large, buffer and combined storage tanks, AUSTRIA EMAIL has taken a great step towards energy efficiency and environmental protection.

The advantages of ECO SKIN 2.0:

  • 47% less heat loss compared to the previous model
  • Savings of up to 3,500 euros in energy costs over the service life of the storage tank
  • Easier and quicker installation

More information on this is available here.