This is a high-quality freestanding cylinder by Austria Email combined with a sideways mounted air-water heat pump.  The domestic water heat pump set draws most of the energy it requires to heat the domestic water from the ambient air. As a consequence, the energy requirement and associated consumption costs are less than a third of those incurred by exclusively electric water heaters.

  • Domestic water heat pump set, consisting of freestanding HT 300 ER cylinder with welded-in high-performance pipe array and WP2-AE heat pump
  • Corrosion protection via high-quality enamelling and magnesium sacrificial anode according to DIN 4753
  • The cylinder is fitted with high-quality insulation.
  • The device is compact and ready to plug in
  • Tested proven technology, easy to install, simple to integrate in all systems


Item no.

Capacity (litres)

Dimensions in mm H/W/D


HT 300 ER & WP2-AE

A 411 07



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