• With potential-free switch input for photovoltaic systems 
  • Warm water heat pump (standard tank with high-performance pipe register at 1.76 m2 Heating surface, integrated heat pump and electrical heating) 
  • Extremely energy-efficient operation 
  • With 2 connection pipes on the side Ø 250 mm (air supply and exhaust) 
  • High COP value: 3.9 (as per EN 16147: A20/W10-55) 
  • The appliance is constructed in a compact design 
  • Operational range (-7 °C to +35 °C) 
  • Corrosion protection through high-quality enamelling in accordance with DIN 4753 
  • No heat transfer losses between heat pump and tank 
  • Magnesium anode 
  • Tested, proven technology, easily assembled, easily integrates into all systems 
  • No refrigeration connection work required 
  • The tank is equipped with high-quality insulation (PU, 50 mm)
  • Diverse operating options (heating via heat pump or boiler) 
  • Control of the boiler circulation pump via integrated electronics 
  • Combined operation heat pump + additional electric heating or heat pump + boiler possible 
  • Economy mode at min. 40 °C possible, can be heated up to 65 °C with e-heating 
  • In addition to producing warm water, also allows a room to be cooled 


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A 411 82




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