We have the right solution...

…for any situation requiring the protection of steel parts, cast parts or stainless steel parts against corrosion and chemical attack. Our patented techniques provide optimal conditions.

  • The components may be as large as 980 x 2000 x 980 mm in size.
  • Maximum weight: 300 kg
  • Firing facility: U-type furnace with 19.2 m firing zone
  • We also advise you on the enamelability of your materials.

We have over 100 years of experience and look forward to developing tailor-made solutions for your particular application, e.g. multi-layer enamelling or enamel types which meet the requirements of your application (colour, chemical durability, hot water durability, industrial enamelling and abrasion resistance). Our efficient machinery completes upstream work processes for you. Contact Mr Gerd Schwandter, one of our in-house engineers, for a non-binding quotation.

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Email: gschwandter@austria-email.at