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Domestic hot water heat pumps: WPA 303 E-LF

These high-quality floor-standing cylinders with integrated air-water heat pump are specially designed for domestic hot water preparation. They use the energy available in the ambient air and thus offer the most energy-saving form of domestic hot water preparation.



Technical data for WPA 303 E-LF

Type WPA 303 E-LF
Part No. A 411 59
Capacity (liters)300
Dimension Height (mm)1854
Dimension Width/Diameter (mm)670

Product information

  • with potential-free switching input for photovoltaic system WPA 203 E-LF
  • Safety temperature limiter under the cover of the heater
  • SVGW certification WPA 203 E-LF
  • Improved service, as the upper part no longer has to be dismantled to change the magnesium anode
  • Particularly simple and customer-friendly operation
  • Wide range of operating options (heating via heat pump or boiler)


All types

Type Part No. Capacity (liters)Dimension Height (mm)Dimension Width/Diameter (mm)Download
WPA 203 E-LF A 411 952001700600
WPA 303 E-LF A 411 593001854670

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