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Elecitric wall hung water heater: ECO CLEVER 150

The ECO-CLEVER storage tank from Austria Email is equipped with Smart Control electronics. This means that the storage tank automatically adjusts to the user's habits, thus saving energy and money.



Technical data for ECO CLEVER 150

Part No. A 121 60
Capacity (liters)150
Heat output kW (factory setting)2,0
incl. insulation

Product information

  • Energy saving up to 14.8% (depending on use)
  • Adjustable suspension
  • Adapted to your consumer habits
  • ECO energy-saving setting
  • Holiday switching
  • Automatic legionella protection
  • Error detection in case of dry running
  • Error detection in case of unexpectedly long heating-up time
  • Electronics identical for all versions (volumes)
  • Operating pressure 6 bar
  • 3 years full warranty


  • Storage tank connection set 1/2" up to 6 bar
  • Pressure reducing valve for AG-S
  • Reinforced suspension bracket for old ÖNORM round bracket suspension - extended by 300mm
  • Ceiling suspension
  • Counter plate for suspended accumulator (thin-wall suspension)
  • Safety thermostatic mixing valve type 271


All types

Type Part No. Capacity (liters)Heat output kW (factory setting) Dimension
incl. insulation
ECO CLEVER 80 A 121 57802,0751/480/500
ECO CLEVER 100 A 121 581002,0884/480/500
ECO CLEVER 120 A 121 591202,01019/480/500
ECO CLEVER 150 A 121 601502,01219/480/500

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