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Mini water heater: KRU 102

The pressureless small storage tanks are available for above- and below-the-sink installation. The temperature control allows infinitely variable temperature selection of the domestic hot water up to 75° C. The foam insulation makes these units environmentally friendly and energy-saving.



Technical data for KRU 102

Type KRU 102
Part No. A 101 28
Capacity (liters)10
Weight (kg)4,8
(H/W|D/D in mm)

Product information

  • Self-resetting safety temperature limiter (on the 5 litre units)
  • Energy-saving PU insulation (directly foamed)
  • Pressureless polypropylene inner boiler
  • White plastic housing
  • Stepless temperature control up to 75°C
  • Capillary tube regulator
  • Operation control light


All types

Type Part No. Capacity (liters)Weight (kg) Dimension
(H/W|D/D in mm)
KRO 052 A 101 0854390/256/213
KRU 052 A 101 0754390/256/213
KRO 102 A 101 27104,8500/350/265
KRU 102 A 101 28104,8500/350/265

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