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Floor standing water heater: HTP 201 PREMIUM

Thanks to the high-quality floor-standing cylinders, you always achieve enough hot water for the whole family to feel comfortable.



Technical data for HTP 201 PREMIUM

Part No. A 289 17
Capacity (liters)200
Dimension incl. insulation Height (mm)1353
Dimension incl. insulation Width/Diameter (mm)650
Weight (kg)93
Installation depth (mm)180/450

Product information

  • With mounted anode tester and foil jacket
  • Achieves energy efficiency class A
  • Enamelling and Mg anode according to DIN 4753 T3
  • Large heat exchanger surfaces
  • High-quality HFO insulation
  • Hot water outlet to the top guarantees complete venting
  • Limescale-resistant welded-in high-performance smooth-tube heat exchanger
  • Sensor position by means of immersion tube (control sleeve)


  • Height-adjustable feet and plastic rosettes (enclosed)


All types

Type Part No. Capacity (liters)Dimension incl. insulation Height (mm)Dimension incl. insulation Width/Diameter (mm)Weight (kg)Installation depth (mm)Download
HTP 101 PREMIUM A 288 22160113165081180/450
HTP 201 PREMIUM A 289 17200135365093180/450
HTP 202 PREMIUM A 233 402001353650109450
HTP 301 PREMIUM A 256 823001810650122180/450
HTP 302 PREMIUM A 255 073001810650138450
HTP 401 PREMIUM A 267 464001847720154180/490
HTP 402 PREMIUM A 267 474001847720167450
HTP 501 PREMIUM A 299 345001838790171180/580
HTP 502 PREMIUM A 269 045001838720182580

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