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Floor standing water heater: HRS 750

In response to the ever-increasing demands for low return temperatures in the heating circuit, Austria Email has developed a storage tank equipped with extremely large heating surfaces. The double-wound smooth tube heat exchanger offers particularly high transfer capacities and makes this water heater the first choice for energy-conscious applications, such as ultra-low energy houses or heat pump systems.



Technical data for HRS 750

Type HRS 750
Part No. A 313 24
Capacity (liters)750
Heat exchanger surface (m²)6,0
Dimension incl. insulation Height (mm)1882
Dimension incl. insulation Width/Diameter (mm)790

Product information

  • Inner vessel enameled according to DIN 4753, incl. magnesium protective anode (HRS 200-500) & external current anode (HRS 750-900)
  • Operating pressure: max. 10 bar (6 bar for Switzerland)
  • Operating temperature: max. 95°C
  • Smooth tube heat exchanger with extremely large heating surfaces
  • Energy-saving 50 mm PU insulation (directly foamed)
  • Separately supplied foil jacket (white)
  • Variable sensor position (sensor channel)
  • High-quality dial thermometer
  • 100 mm ECO SKIN insulation HRS 750 and 900


All types

Type Part No. Capacity (liters)Heat exchanger surface (m²)Dimension incl. insulation Height (mm)Dimension incl. insulation Width/Diameter (mm)Download
HRS 200 A 223 292002,51295610
HRS 300 A 225 333003,51435680
HRS 400 A 241 214005,01800680
HRS 500 A 245 325006,01806760
HRS 750 A 313 247506,01882790
HRS 900 A 315 269007,52228790

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