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Floor standing water heater: LSP 500/2,0

The auxiliary storage tanks are designed for special space conditions in the boiler room. The appropriately designed construction allows the boiler to be mounted directly on the cylinder, so that the two components form a compact unit.



Technical data for LSP 500/2,0

Type LSP 500/2,0
Part No. A 278 28
Capacity (liters)500
Heat exchanger surface (m²)2,0
incl. insulation

Product information

  • Inner boiler enamelled according to DIN 4753, operating pressure 10 bar, incl. protective anode.
  • Trapezoidal smooth-tube heat exchanger, operating pressure 10 bar
  • Self-draining and self-venting heat exchanger
  • Energy-saving PU insulation (directly foamed)
  • Powder-coated sheet steel outer jacket


All types

Type Part No. Capacity (liters)Heat exchanger surface (m²) Dimension
incl. insulation
LSP 150/1,0 A 271 111501,0575/600/1030
LSP 200/1,3 A 274 652001,3575/600/1230
LSP 350/1,6 A 277 243501,6750/750/1450
LSP 500/2,0 A 278 285002,0750/750/1750

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