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Floor standing water heater: LDS 1000

This storage line is designed for exact loading by external heat exchangers from top to bottom. A lateral hot water outlet prevents possible circulation in the hot water pipe.



Technical data for LDS 1000

Type LDS 1000
Part No. A 305 12
Capacity (liters)1000
Dimension Height (mm)2228
Dimension Width/Diameter (mm)790
Flange X (mm)180
Installation depth (mm)810

Product information

  • Inner boiler enamelled according to DIN 4753, incl. protective anode
  • PU direct foaming up to 500 l with sheet steel outer casing in RAL 9016
  • 100 mm ECO SKIN insulation for 800 and 1000 litre storage tanks
  • Possibility for additional water withdrawal
  • Matching finned tube heat exchanger optionally available


All types

Type Part No. Capacity (liters)Dimension Height (mm)Dimension Width/Diameter (mm)Flange X (mm)Installation depth (mm)Download
LDS 200 A 203 112001300600180530
LDS 300 A 205 093001758600180530
LDS 400 A 207 354001785670180600
LDS 500 A 208 135001806750180680
LDS 800 A 303 128001882790180810
LDS 1000 A 305 1210002228790180810

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