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Multipurpose large water heater: VT 2000 FRM

The large cylinders of the VT series are the right products for large hot water requirements and cover the wide range from simple multi-purpose cylinders with one flange to solar cylinders with 2 smooth-tube heat exchangers. Depending on the unit type and combination, a mono-, bi- or multivalent energy supply is for hot water preparation is possible.



Technical data for VT 2000 FRM

Type VT 2000 FRM
Part No. A 319 23
Capacity (liters)2000
Dimension Height (mm)2130
Dimension Width/Diameter (mm)1250
Heat exchanger surface (m²)5,7
Weight (kg)495

Product information

  • Enamelled sheet steel inner boiler according to DIN 4753 with built-in external current anode.
  • 3 sensor tubes are fitted along the boiler jacket for control purposes
  • Drainage via cold water pipe
  • Cold and hot water ash connection 2" ET
  • Circulation connection 2" IT
  • For inspection and cleaning purposes and for combination with a finned tube heat exchanger or a flange-mounted heating system, this solar storage tank is equipped with a lateral flange of 240 mm Ø.


All types

Type Part No. Capacity (liters)Dimension Height (mm)Dimension Width/Diameter (mm)Heat exchanger surface (m²)Weight (kg)Download
VT 1500 FM A 308 09150022151000-280
VT 1500 FRM A 318 161500221510004,1335
VT 1500 FRMR A 318 171500221510002,5/2,5335
VT 2000 FM A 309 10200021301250-400
VT 2000 FRM A 319 232000213012505,7495
VT 2000 FRMR A 319 242000213012503,1/3,1495

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