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Indirect water heaters: WK 150

The WK series air vessels are made of quality steel in accordance with EN standards and are ideally suited for use in drinking water and service water networks. The tanks with a capacity of 150 to 500 litres are particularly suitable for damping pressure surges in networks or for maintaining a constant line pressure.



Technical data for WK 150

Type WK 150
Part No. A 702 01
Capacity (liters)150
Dimension Height (mm)1120
Dimension Width/Diameter (mm)430

Product information

  • Optimum corrosion protection due to full galvanisation according to ÖNORM EN ISO 1461
  • Nominal pressure 6 bar
  • Cleaning opening (from 300 litres)
  • Austrian quality product


All types

Type Part No. Capacity (liters)Dimension Height (mm)Dimension Width/Diameter (mm)Download
WK 150 A 702 011501120430
WK 150 F A 703 011501202430
WK 200 F A 705 012001319500
WK 300 FE A 707 013001776500
WK 500 FE A 709 015001786650

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