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Water heater accessories: RWT 1-110D

By using a built-in finned tube heat exchanger, it is possible to indirectly heat a storage tank with a flange and thus retrofit or convert it to a coil storage tank. The heating medium can be heating water from alternative energy sources such as solar systems and heat pumps, but also from district heating and conventional boilers.



Technical data for RWT 1-110D

Type RWT 1-110D
Part No. A 906 10
Mounting length (mm)370
Heat exchanger surface (m²)1,1

Product information

  • Helically wound SF-Cu finned tube
  • Enamelled flange plate
  • Electrically insulated version
  • Built-in protective current leakage resistor
  • Thermally insulated, matt black painted steel cover bonnet


All types

Type Part No. Mounting length (mm)Heat exchanger surface (m²)Download
RWT 1-110D A 906 103701,1
RWT 1-140D A 906 134401,4
RWT 2-180 A 905 034501,8
RWT2-180 A 906 154502,3
RWT 2-310D A 906 165303,1
RWT 2-360 A 905 056503,6
RWT 2-450 A 905 067904,5

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