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Customer information about the tight supply situation

Customer information Austria Email

AUSTRIA EMAIL informs about the tight supply situation

Dear business partners!

The decarbonisation of buildings has strongly increased the demand for energy-efficient solutions in storage and heating technology throughout Europe and has also far exceeded the estimates and forecasts of our customers. In addition, the delivery situation is burdened by delays on the supplier side and the Omikron wave.

Measures have therefore been initiated throughout the GA Group in order to be able to meet the increased demand in the long term:

  • From March 2022, buffer storage tanks will be manufactured at another plant of the GA parent company in addition to the production in Knittelfeld
  • Austria Email will produce continuously in 2022 without summer plant holidays in order to maintain supplies
  • Austria Email invests in the Knittelfeld site and builds an additional production line for buffer storage tanks - this will lead to a doubling of production capacity from 2023 onwards
  • The GA Group is building an additional production plant for drinking water and buffer storage tanks in Germany - storage tanks will also be manufactured here for Austria Email from 2023. Measures to increase capacity, already in the 2nd half of 2022, are being worked on.

The above-mentioned measures prove that Austria Email is reacting quickly to the enormous increase in demand for storage tanks in the group with Groupe Atlantic and is thus also proving to be a growth partner for wholesalers, trades and industry.

Due to the long-term good framework conditions for end customers, such as incentives and subsidy programmes, there is no reason for panic and hoarding purchases, which would put additional strain on the tense situation.

We therefore ask you to clarify the immediate demand with your respective customers in order to avoid overheating. In the interest of fairness, we are forced to check the order intake in the coming weeks.

Until the initiated measures take effect and the ordering behaviour smoothes out, longer delivery times must still be expected in 2022. Please plan for longer delivery times of 4-6 months on average for your new orders with AE from now on.

We will come back to you with an update by the end of the first quarter of 2022 at the latest.

Best regards and stay healthy,

YOUR Austria Email Team

Knittelfeld, 2.2.2022

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