• The visible difference

    The extremely successful ECO SKIN thermal insulation is used in the second generation: improved thermal insulation characteristics and optimised fine adjustment during operation. We have made something good even better!

    ECO SKIN 2.0 is an innovative insulation for large and buffer storage, which is an essential departure from the previously offered soft foam insulation.

    • Increased saving (up to € 3.500.-) over the life of a 1000 Litre storage tank
    • Additional floor insulation
    • Decidedly improved connection layout
    • Perfekt fitting of the rosettes
    • Optimised seating of the caps

    Best thermal insulation

    Due to the 'clinging' nature of the new ECO SKIN 2.0 - Insulation and the new cover caps you can save money and reduce the unnecessary CO2-emissions. In total both products reduce the heat losses of a 1000 Litre buffer storage tank by 47 %* (compared with the previously offered soft foam insulation).

    With these improvements Austria Email is already taking into account the objective of the European Union in the coming years of reducing the CO2 emissions within the framework of the ECODESIGN DIRECTIVE.

    • Perfect fit - no chimney losses
    • Essentially improved connection layout
    • Heat losses reduced relative to previous soft foam model by 47%*
    • Insulated connection caps (without extra cost)
    • Forward looking in view of oncoming EU requirements
    • Fire protection class B2 (as per DIN 4102-1)**
    • Quality packaging with carrying handles

    Even though Austria Email has its own certified laboratory, we have nonetheless commissioned the renowned ITW institute in Stuttgart to test the effectiveness of our new insulation.

    The results of the tests:
    The values we had measured were not only confirmed, but also exceeded!

    ITW Stuttgart test report

Fleece - a high quality, new insulation material

ECO SKIN 2.0 uses Polyester-fleece, which has outstanding characteristics and is used in the textile industry, for example, for the manufacture of comfortable warming, skin-friendly fleece jackets.

A further point, which has an essential impact on the efficiency of an insulation medium, is the processing of the connection features.

The engineers of Austria Email AG have developed a special production method for ECO SKIN 2.0, in order to increase the efficiency of the thermal insulation to a maximum.

ECO SKIN compact fleece
Conventional layered fleece

Does it make financial sense?

ECO SKIN 2.0 features an excellent price/performance ratio. You can confidently disregard the only marginally higher costs compared to soft foam installation:

After an average period of only

2 - 4 months

you will already be breaking even with the new ECO SKIN 2.0 insulation. From this point onwards, it will help you save money every day in addition to protecting the environment.

In addition:

With ECO SKIN 2.0 you can save up to € 3.500.- in energy costs during the service life of a 1000-litre storage tank.

Everything from a single company

Austria Email is your specialist when it comes to fitting highly effective insulation to buffer tanks and water heaters.

  • Buffer tanks, water heaters and insulation are all made in our own production facility
  • Short delivery time, thanks to local storage
  • Austria Email has many years of experience with insulation
  • This results in a high level of core competence in insulation technology (composition, etc.)
  • Extremely low return rate (less than 0.1%)
  • Prepared for future EU developments
  • Outstanding technique and design

* Test results from own factory, accredited thermal technology laboratory
** measured at the accredited Test institute oFi Vienna (formerly "arsenal")