Maximum comfort in the smallest of spaces with the wall-mounted Calypso VM

CALYPSO VM is a highly efficient drinking water heat pump for wall mounting. This space-saving wall-mounted solution was designed as an energy-efficient replacement for classic electric water heaters. The wall mounting, the short heating time and the intelligent control guarantee maximum comfort.

At a glance

  • Up to 75 % energy savings compared to classic electric water heaters
  • ACI hybrid corrosion protection technology and ceramic dry heating element
  • Great energy savings thanks to the high-performance heat pump
  • Compatibility with photovoltaic modules to use free solar energy
  • Horizontal transport possible
  • COZY TOUCH APP: mobile comfort control

The benefits and features in detail

- Comfort

  • Space-saving, wall-mounted solution
  • Low-noise, therefore particularly suitable for installation in living areas
  • Optimal also for small rooms, low ceilings and corners
  • Fast water heating
  • Intelligent control

- Quality and durability

  • Diamond quality enamel
  • Overpressure valve ensures safety in case of malfunction or overpressure
  • Special lip seal prevents rust on the flange
  • Environmentally friendly - CFC free

- Economy

  • Low energy consumption thanks to the high performance heat pump (CALYPSO VM reduces energy consumption by up to 75% compared to traditional electric water heaters )
  • Has a PV input and is therefore ideal for self-consumption.
  • Intelligent energy consumption control

- Ease of use

  • Easy installation
  • Digital display with user-friendly control panel (daily programming, various auto functions and energy consumption display)
  • Remote control (via mobile phone app)