Image of Product Group ECO SKIN.


The extremely successful ECO SKIN thermal insulation is used in the second generation ... read more

Image of Product Group Mini electric water heaters.

Mini water heaters

Small but indispensible. Whether for oversink or undersink installation, the water heater provides hot water rapidly ... read more

Image of Product Group Wall-mounted electric water heaters.

Wall-mounted electric water heaters

All wall-mounted heaters are completely insulated, which saves energy. Select your hot water requirement ... read more

Image of Product Group Freestanding cylinders.

Domestic-water tank

High-quality floor standing tanks provide you with plenty of hot water for the whole family ... read more

Image of Product Group Solar energy systems.

Solar energy systems

Austria Email solar energy systems combine all essential components for solar water heating ... read more

Buffer cylinder

 AE buffer cylinders are suitable for all hot water central heating systems ... read more

Charge tank

 These all-purpose water heaters were developed specifically for combinations with gas boilers ... read more

Auxiliary storage tank

 This tank range is designed for exact loading from the top to the bottom via external heat exchangers ... read more

Image of Product Group Special hot water cylinders.

Heat pump tank

These high-quality tanks with an integrated air-water heat pump is designed specifically for domestic water heating ... read more

Image of Product Group District heating.

District heating

District heating has proven itself as a convenient, cost-efficient and environmentally-friendly heating method ... read more

Air chamber

 The air chambers from the “WK” series are made from quality steel ... read more

Image of Product Group Accessories.


The heating installations and accessories offered by our company are particularly suitable for installation in our free-standing tank series as well as in double shell units ... read more

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