Indirect water heaters

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The cost-saving insulation, large, limescale-resistant heating coil and high-quality corrosion protection enamelling characterise the Austria enamel register storage tanks.

  • Enamelling to DIN 4753 T3 with magnesium or impressed current anode
  • Including blind flange cover and ISO cover bonnet
  • Operating temperature max. 95 °C and 110 °C in the heating coil
  • Energy-saving PU foam or ECO SKIN insulation 
  • Outer casing available in white or grey
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Floor standing water heaters

Thanks to the high-quality floor-standing cylinders, you always achieve enough hot water for the whole family to feel comfortable.

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Multipurpose large water heater

Enamelled large storage tanks from Austria Email are suitable for a wide range of applications.

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Pressured water tank

The WK series air vessels are made of quality steel in accordance with EN standards and are suited for use in drinking water and service water networks.

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Indirect water heater for heat pump and solar

These storage tanks are specially designed for use with solar systems. Their excellent insulation keeps radiation losses to a minimum.

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