Wohlfühlen mit der ECO SKIN-Vliesisolierung

ECO SKIN Thermal Insulation

The sustainable difference

ECO SKIN is an innovative fleece insulation for large and buffer storage tanks, which differs significantly from the soft foam insulations offered so far. With ECO SKIN, energy savings of up to € 3,500 can be achieved. (Over the service life of a 1000-litre storage tank).

Best thermal insulation

Due to the snug behaviour of ECO SKIN insulation, you save money and reduce unnecessary CO2 emissions. The heat losses of a 1000 litre buffer tank are reduced by 47 %* (compared to the previously offered soft foam insulation).

  • Perfect fit - no chimney losses
  • Dries out when wet
  • Shape-retaining polyester jacket
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Kind to skin and allergy sufferers
  • Heat loss reduced by 47% compared to previous soft foam model*.
  • Insulated connection caps (without surcharge)
  • Fire protection class B2 (according to DIN 4102-1)**
  • High-quality packaging with carrying handles
  • Storage space saving (same insulation for 3 models)

Fleece - a high-quality insulating material

ECO SKIN uses polyester fleece, which has excellent properties and is used, for example, in the textile industry for the production of pleasantly warm, skin-friendly fleece jackets.

A significant influence on the efficiency of an insulation is its processing at the connections.

ECO SKIN Vlies-Isolierung

Does it pay off?

ECO SKIN is characterised by an optimal price/performance ratio. 
After an average of 2 - 4 months, your new ECO SKIN insulation has already reached the profit zone. From then on, it helps you save money and protect the environment every day. What's more:
ECO SKIN can save you up to € 3,500 in energy costs over the lifetime of a 1000-litre tank.

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Everything from one house

Austria Email is the specialist when it comes to equipping buffer storage tanks or water heaters with highly effective insulation.

  • Everything from a single source - buffer storage tank and associated insulation material.
  • Short delivery times due to nearby warehouse
  • Austria Email has a competence centre for insulation
  • Extremely low return rate (less than 0.1%)
  • Noble design

You can find more information about our high-quality ECO SKIN insulation here.