The heating installations and accessories
accessories are particularly suitable for installation in
our enamelled boilers, floor-standing storage heaters and double-shell appliances. 

  • Screw-in heaters
  • Electric built-in heater
  • Built-in finned tube heat exchanger
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Product series

Screw-in heating element

The screw-in heaters are designed for additional heating or emergency heating of water in closed containers.

  • Heat output 2.00 - 9.00 kW
  • Installation depth 320 - 780 mm

Built-in heaters

Depending on the output, the built-in heaters consist of a corresponding number of high-quality tubular heating elements mounted on a flange plate.

  • Heat output 2.00 - 15.00 kW
  • Mounting length 375 - 630 mm

Built-in finned tube heat exchanger

By using a built-in finned tube heat exchanger, it is possible to indirectly heat a storage tank with a flange.

  • Mounting length 370 - 790 mm
  • Heat exchanger surface 1.1 - 4.5 m²