New enamelled large storage tanks from Austria Email

The new enamelled large storage tanks of the VT FM, VT FRM, VT FRMR series are available in the sizes 1500 and 2000 litres. These storage tanks are equipped with our particularly high-quality, energy-efficient and environmentally friendly ECO SKIN polyester fibre fleece insulation, so that heat losses can also be kept as low as possible.

The storage tanks have a sheet steel inner boiler with built-in external current anode, are maintenance-free and have a particularly long service life. For inspection and cleaning purposes, as well as for combination with a finned tube heat exchanger or a flange-mounted heater, these freestanding cylinders are equipped with a 240 mm Ø side flange.

Draining takes place via the cold water pipe. The large-surface heat exchangers enable bivalent or trivalent operation with heating, solar, heat pump or district heating connections.


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