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Buffer and combined tanks: ECO FRESH-EZ 1000 PZR

The ECO-FRESH fresh water combination, consisting of a fresh water station and a buffer cylinder, is used for demand-controlled domestic hot water heating using the instantaneous principle. Its area of application includes existing and new heating systems that are heated via solid fuel boilers, heat pumps and solar systems.



Technical data for ECO FRESH-EZ 1000 PZR

Part No. A 346 67
Capacity (liters)1000
Dimension Height (mm)2050
Dimension Width/Diameter (mm)790

Product information

  • Fresh water station with high-efficiency pumps
  • Fast-response sensor - thus constant water temperature - even in the event of sudden load changes (e.g. in the event of additional hot water demand)
  • Large flow rate range up to 40 litres/min - making the unit suitable for single and two-family households
  • Very energy-saving due to the lowest possible energy consumption with the widest possible temperature spread
  • Supports temperature stratification in the buffer tank
  • Compact design
  • Circulation connection included
  • Electronic control
  • Best possible protection against calcification


All types

Type Part No. Capacity (liters)Dimension Height (mm)Dimension Width/Diameter (mm)Download
ECO FRESH-E A 394 12-685470
ECO FRESH-EZ A 394 13-685470
ECO FRESH-E 800 PZ A 347 338001700790
ECO FRESH-E 800 PZR A 347 348001700790
ECO FRESH-EZ 800 PZ A 347 358001700790
ECO FRESH-EZ 800 PZR A 347 368001700790
ECO FRESH-E 1000 PZ A 346 6410002050790
ECO FRESH-E 1000 PZR A 346 6510002050790
ECO FRESH-EZ 1000 PZ A 346 6610002050790
ECO FRESH-EZ 1000 PZR A 346 6710002050790

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