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Domestic water heat pump CALYPSO VM

CALYPSO VM is a highly efficient domestic hot water heat pump for wall mounting. This space-saving wall-mounted solution was designed as an energy-efficient replacement for classic electric water heaters. The wall mounting, the short heating time and the intelligent control guarantee maximum comfort.

Product information

  • Space-saving, wall-mounted solution for installation even in small rooms
  • ACI hybrid corrosion protection technology and ceramic dry heating element
  • Safety thanks to electric auxiliary heating by a steatite heating element
  • Digital + smart control panel with integrated daily programming, selection of different operating modes, energy consumption display
  • AUTO function for intelligent control
  • Horizontal transport possible

All types

Type Part No. Capacity (liters)Weight (kg) Dimension
(H/W|D/D in mm)
CALYPSO VM 100 D 400 02100571234/522/538
CALYPSO VM 150 D 400 22150661557/522/538

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