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Vacutherm VT-N

These units for large hot water requirements cover the wide spectrum from simple multi-purpose storage tanks with two flanges to solar storage tanks with 2 smooth tube heat exchangers. Depending on the unit type and combination, monovalent, bivalent and multivalent energy supply for hot water preparation is possible. We offer an extensive range of accessories to match this storage tank line, which can be individually configured.

Product information

  • Inner vessel enamelled according to DIN 4753, operating pressure 6 bar
  • Smooth tube heat exchanger (for FRM and FRMR), operating pressure 10 bar
  • Large flange opening (diameter 240 mm)
  • 90 mm EPS hard foam insulation or alternatively ECO SKIN insulation 100 mm
  • Can be retrofitted with screw-in heating element, built-in heating or finned tube heat exchanger

All types

Type Part No. Capacity (liters)Heat exchanger surface (m²)Dimension incl. insulation Height (mm)Dimension incl. insulation Width/Diameter (mm)Flange X (mm)Download
VT-N 800 FRM A 313 17800220001000240
VT-N 800 FRMR A 313 158002,0+1,220001000240
VT-N 1000 FRMR A 315 159802,4+1,223501000240
VT-N 1000 FRM A 315 1710002,423501000240

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