The combination of particularly high-quality components creates a heat pump that combines what is technically feasible.

The exceptionally high COP value of 3.85 is a particular advantage of this high-end product.

  • With switching input for photovoltaic system 
  • Safety temperature limiter under the cover of the heater
  • SVGW certification
  • Improved service, as the upper part no longer has to be dismantled to change the magnesium anode
  • Energy-saving operation
  • No heat transfer losses between heat pump and storage tank
  • Tried and tested technology, easy to install, easy to integrate in all systems
  • No electrical and refrigeration connection work required
  • Wide range of operating options
  • Allows additional cooling of a room
  • Significantly extended operating range (-7°C to + 35°C)

All types

Type Part No. Capacity (l) Dimension Height (mm) Dimension Width | Diameter (mm) Download
WPA 303 ECO-2 A 411 89 300 l 1848 mm 670 mm


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