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All purpose buffer tank: WPPS 300

The buffer storage tanks of the WPPS series have been specially designed for operation with heat pumps. Their capacity of 200 to 500 litres and the numerous connection options available make these storage tanks the ideal addition to your heat pump.



Technical data for WPPS 300

Type WPPS 300
Part No. A 341 84
Capacity (liters)300
Dimension incl. insulation Height (mm)1740
Dimension incl. insulation Width/Diameter (mm)600

Product information

  • Raw sheet steel inner boiler (St 37)
  • Energy-saving 50 mm PU insulation (directly foamed)
  • Powder-coated sheet steel outer jacket
  • Flange Ø 180mm (can be used for finned tube heat exchanger or built-in heater)
  • 6/4" socket for installation of an electric screw-in heater or similar
  • Sensor channel for variable sensor positioning


All types

Type Part No. Capacity (liters)Dimension incl. insulation Height (mm)Dimension incl. insulation Width/Diameter (mm)Download
WPPS 130 A 341 61130742670
WPPS 200 A 341 952001232600
WPPS 300 A 341 843001740600
WPPS 400 A 341 854001890670
WPPS 500 A 341 865001830750

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