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Multipurpose large water heater FM

The HT FM floor-standing storage tank with its high-quality PU insulation has a 180 mm flange and offers many installation options, for example for a retrofittable and maintenance-free external power anode.

Product information


  • Sheet steel inner boiler enamelled to DIN 4753 with magnesium rod anode
  • High-quality PU foam heat insulation
  • Inner boiler directly foamed into the outer jacket
  • Stove-enamelled, powder-coated white sheet steel outer jacket
  • 180 mm flange for installation of an electric built-in heater or a finned tube heat exchanger (RWT) for optimum heating of the storage tank contents
  • Circulation connection: 3/4" ET (140- 300 l) and 1" ET (500 l)
  • Water connections 1" AG
  • Thermometer mounted
  • Accessories (optional):
  • Built-in heater
  • Screw-in heater (SH)
  • Finned tube heat exchanger (RWT)
  • External anode can be retrofitted


  • With a change in 2017, a 6/4" socket for the installation of a SH screw-in heater is not available for the HT FM cylinders!

All types

Type Part No. Capacity (liters)Dimension incl. insulation Height (mm)Dimension incl. insulation Width/Diameter (mm)Flange X (mm)Installation depth (mm)Download
HT 200 FM A 203 122001340600180540
HT 300 FM A 205 103001797600180540
HT 500 FM A 208 143001838750180670
HT 400 FM A 207 374001832670180610

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